Thursday, February 15, 2007

Patents, DRM and where is freedom !

A full-fledged post on freedom in various forms is coming. For the time-being I will leave you with some links (that I borrowed from a very kind friend of mine):

Software Patents and Literary Patents
Richard Stallman on Software Patents

The idea for this post was trigerred from a mail that I had received (from this same kind friend) urging me to sign a petition asking drug giant Novartis to drop a patent case in the Indian courts.

I was wondering how Open Source Software companies make money considering that they give away their software for free. Is there a business model here that the drug industry can follow ?
Does freedom come at a cost ? or is it possible to get freedom with a better business model ?

It is a simple equation: Drug manufacturers need money and patients need affordable treatment.
Can we solve this equation ?

Like I said, we will discuss freedom in more detail in coming posts.


vaithianadan said...

hey u already solved the equation... u said affordable treatment... so more affordable patients = more money for drug manufacturers.. To do that they have to penetrate to a large population!