Monday, February 19, 2007

Is Knowledge infinite ?

This is one question that strikes me when I browse through the web every morning. Of the total time I spend on the web, probably 50% or more is spent clicking on links. This gives the impression that there is a whole of information out there.
Assuming that atleast 10% of information/data is actually new knowledge, we can come to a conclusion that there already is a vast amount of knowledge assimilated on the world wide web (We will ignore, for the moment knowledge that comes out of books, magazines, talks, lectures etc)

Also, there are new webpages being created everyday. So, more knowledge everyday !

Can this be true ? Can knowledge be infinite ? Human beings have a finite life span both individually and as a civilization. So this sounds implausible. Maybe most of this "knowledge" is just thoughts. Maybe all knowledge is finite and all this information overload is a maze. Maybe we have to find our way through this maze to get to that finite, stable, robust and never-changing knowledge. Atleast that is what religion would like us to believe.

What say ?


vaithianadan said...

For first time in ur blog I chose to agree with u.... Knowledge is finite. If u attend that stage.. u will be called enlightened!

Viswanath said...

I tend to beleive that knowledge is infinite, and it is growing all the time. What's on the internet may be information, but not necessarily knowledge. The assumption here that may be 10% is new knowledge in my opinion is too optimistic. It's probably less than 1%.

As I said, knowledge grows, and humans, some of them, gain more knowledge, whereas a lot more of them become dumb all the time. It kind of negates the increase of knowledge of humanity.

I don't know where my comment is going. So I'll just stop here.