Monday, February 19, 2007

Disseminating ads

I am watching the SetWet deo add in between the NZ-Aus match. This is how it goes :
Guy A is proposing to his girlfriend in an open-air restaurant while guy B walks in and takes a seat close by. Guy B is wearing the SetWet deo. The girl misses the proposal since she is so distracted by the deo that guy B is wearing.

Eternally curious about all things, I ask my questions:
Is the ad trying to tell me that wearing a deo is more impressive than proposing to a girl ? Does this mean that guy B is better than guy A just because he is wearing a better deo. Will the company never ever come up with a better deo than the one that guy B is wearing now ? What will happen if it does ? Will guy C steal guy B's girlfriend then ?

I understand that only morons ask such questions. But then, only morons should make such demeaning and meaningless ads.

Whoof --- weight off my chest now !


vaithianadan said...

Hey what kind of women will leave a man for a deo? Why these ads show women so cheap?

Does the ad mean Guy A is a loser because his girl left him for a deo or Guy B is a loser because he got such a girl who can leave him for another deo? I am lost just help me out!!