Thursday, February 08, 2007

Cricket --- Blah blah

This post on cricinfo

I love finding mistakes in other people's works .
Consider this section:
"Tharanga had been kept quiet after his initial flourish, and his ill-judged attempt to pull a delivery far too close to the body only ricocheted on to the stumps. "

You only pull a ball that is close to your body. No sense in trying to drag something from wide outside the offstump or going down leg side. There is something called pivoting and something called momentum

"Sangakkara was in no mood to be kind either, and a peachy cover-drive and deft cut left Sreesanth with figures that would have embarrassed a part-time trundler."
We can cut this out please. This kind of writing belongs in a novel not in the review of a cricket match. Too much literature..too many similes. Its almost as if the writer wanted to write a novel but settled for sports writing instead.

"Dravid then turned to Harbhajan Singh, but his very first delivery flew off the edge for four."
Duh ! So ?

I know I am being overtly critical. But I was hoping cricinfo would serve up a much better fare. You read match reviews and hope to learn more about the game from knowledgeable folks. Otherwise, you could have just comforted yourself with a Harry Potter -- you know what I mean ?