Saturday, February 24, 2007

Ads galore !

On my way back home from work on Friday night I saw a BEST bus. The exterior of the bus was painted KLUB green --- which is normal these days. BEST has been renting out its bus exteriors as ad spaces to boost its revenues. What I did notice for the first time, though, was inside the bus, the handles which allow standing passengers to hang on to the bar were decorated with the ad of a famous FM station. Now, this opens up possibilities.

I suggest that we take a step further. Passengers should be asked to hold out placards depicting various ads in exchange for a discount on their bus fare. Maybe, if some of the passengers could recommend a product or two to their co-passengers on the bus, they could get a bigger discount. Once you board the bus, you could be asked to chose from a bunch of products that you would like to endorse for an incentive. For example, women could be ask to pick up a piece of jewellery and sport it while they ride on the bus and hold a sign informing others of the item they are endorsing.
BEST could decide to slot the products they would be endorsing. Non-AC buses could be used to endorse mundane products like soap, toothpaste etc. AC buses could be used to endorse more sophisticated products like cell-phones, cameras etc.
Now, if only I could patent this brilliant idea of mine.......