Saturday, January 27, 2007

Infinity Puzzle 2

Suppose you have two glasses. A and B
Glass A is full of milk and glass B is full of water.

Suppose you take a spoon of water from glass B and mix it into the milk in glass A. Next, you take a spoon of the mixture in glass A and mix this into glass B.

Suppose you keep doing this till infinity...
Will the two glasses hold equal amounts of both liquids ? Will the liquid all evaporate ? Will all the milk be transferred to glass B and all the water to glass A ???


vaithianadan said...

Hey in the First Trail itself the amount of milk in milk-water(A in B)mixture is equal to the amount of water in water-milk(B in A)mixture (assuming quantity of water and milk in the spoon are same and none spilled outside). when you go on with this, there will be a point 'X' where both milk and water in both the container are of equal quantity. Hence after this point 'X' no matter how many trials you do, you always have 1/2 milk, 1/2 water in both the containers. (Try it, i.e if you don't have any other work!)