Saturday, January 27, 2007

In conversation with Alpha and Beta

Alpha :
Will we cease to exist in the real world after some years ??? Are we already avatars in the virtual world for some higher species which chose to create this virtual environment for their entertainment ??

questions...questions....sigh !

No and We'll never know will be my answers to both your questions. This is not something new to me actually. I used to have a colleague in New York who also had a significant virtual presence. His real world behaviour sometimes reflected his life in the virtual world. For example, one day he came to work very upset because "someone stole his weapons" the previous night!!! Ofcourse they aren't real weapons, but they "belong" to him. He has been playing some game for some months, where he has a team, their aim is to kill a monster, they have team meetings, strategies, commitments etc etc.
He also goes so far as to "purchase weapons" on eBay for his virtual use!!!
I guess life's getting complicated and some people will definitely need counselling to help themselves back to the real world!!