Saturday, January 27, 2007

Cricket : Indian tail

As I watch the Indian innings fold atleast 100 runs off course in the 3rd ODI against WI, I am more amused than frustrated.
I always felt this...there seems to be an air of inevitability about Ajit Agarkar's batting. It looks like he expects to get out every ball...and is absolutely stunned if he is not. I missed his batting in the 2nd ODI..must have been a very different Agarkar than the one I know. He justs winds up a huge backlift and then brings it down as if he is not sure what shot he wants to play.

Anil Kumble must be the biggest experts on run outs...getting run-out i.e. He wants a run irrespective of whether he has hit the ball or not...irrespective of whether the ball has gone to hand or not --- if the ball has been bowled, you gotta run !!!

Looks like I have run out of players to make fun of....lets look at tail-enders from other teams in the coming keep watching this space..