Saturday, January 27, 2007

Cricket commentary >> How to

This is how you describe good batsmen:
1. Has a good solid defence
2. Plays very late.
3. Watches the ball until the last moment.
4. Plays close to his body
5. Waits for bad balls
6. Never takes his eyes off the ball.
7. Never misses an opportunity to score runs.
8. Ready to graft it out in the middle.

This is how you describe a good spinner:
1. Is not afraid to give the ball air.
2. Uses the crease well.
3. Turns the ball a long way. (can turn the ball on a glasstop)
4. Is able to extract bounce.
5. Is able to get the ball to dip.
6. Has a great loop.

This is how you describe a good fast bowler:
1. Is able to get the ball to move in the air and off the pitch.
2. Does not give the batsmen width to play their shots.
3. Has a good bouncer, slower one, yorker etc etc.
4. Is immaculate in line and length.
5. Has good pace.

Did I miss any more cliches ? I am sure....
Wait for the next post on how to describe bad batting displays, bowling spells and great wicket keeping....right here ...on this blog !!!

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