Monday, January 31, 2005

New York! New York!

Landed in New Jersey...I should be reporting at work in a couple of hours now.

A sense of relief at landing back in the North East. This is like a second home to me...the land of Dunkin Donuts (coffee and Boston Creme). The midwest was a little cold for my comfort. One big difference that I have noticed between the North east and the Miwaukee area is the attitude of the people...folks here in the north east seem a lot friendlier..a lot more smiles greet you here...the people in Milwaukee seemed to be a little too caught up in their own business to notice other people...I had actually expected the opposite since the north east is the business and educational hub of this country...people are supposed to be more on the move here than anywhere else in the country..Wisconsin, on the other hand is farm country...acres and acres of farm lands growing I know not what.
But maybe its just that the people here are more used to foreigners amongst them and maybe also resent them less.

Anyways, its time to hop out of bed and get ready for my first working day in almost a month! I sure hope it will be fun...I have missed having deadlines, having tasks to complete and meetings to attend...

Off I go....