Sunday, January 30, 2005

Cleaning up I am...all set to fly to New York.

Yesterday was a pain....the majority of the day was spent in cleaning up the house. The lease expires this month-end and we are all going our seperate ways today...the appartment has to be turned over to the management and they will do what they call "an inspection" before assessing how much we owe them in damages for not keeping the appt clean.

Cleaning is a very educative get to look at corners of your house that you have never looked at..not even when you moved in. You take out that suitcase full of clothes and you figure out that there are a bunch of things that you have never used - what a waste of money and space! I personally find throwing away stuff very difficult. I am the kind that wants to keep everything even if I am not using it.
My body is sore with all the cleaning and packing...I am just sitting here hoping I land safely in Newark airport by 5 PM today. I have now moved ten times in the last 3 years. Kind of reflects on how unsettled I am in life, doesnt it? Every time I swear to myself that I will never talk of moving again...but old habits die hard, I guess...

In other stories, Safin beat Hewitt to win the Aus Open. I kind of expected Federer to wrap this up in pretty much the same way he did last year...but he is human after all. A little incident during the match..Mr. Hewitt, his majesty had a small altercation with a line judge and the chair umpire over a line call...the news report tell us His Highness "exploded in anger". I cannot understand how a player can talk demeaningly to an umpire, after all he is the highest authority in the match, right? I am a short-tempered guy myself, but I have never actually plucked up the courage or the conviction to "explode in anger" at my boss.
We do not seem to understand that getting angry is probably the easiest thing to do in a tough situation. This is where the greatness of players like Federer, Sampras, Agassi,Bjorn Borg, Lendl, Ramesh Krishnan et al comes in. They have shown us how you can perform better by reacting to your own mistakes more often than to the mistakes of others. Rage is important, but more important is to know how to use it.

So much for this banter...I have now shamelesly embraced the blog culture. I am now officialy one of those people who exist only on the internet and have surrendered their physical existence. More crap when I reach New York!

Adios amigos...