Tuesday, April 03, 2007

When life gives you a lemon...

The next time you feel hard-done by life, read this

I feel happy when I do not overstay at office in the evening and reach home on time, that is 7:35 p.m. Oh how happy I feel to see my wife and childrens. I hope they too feel happy to see me. If I reach on time, I get a royal reception from them, if I am late even by half an hour, I have lot of explanation to do.
After dinner, we, that is I, my wife and children go to our building's terrace for a stroll. Nowadays it is sooo hot during the day, the cold breeze in late evening just makes me happy and makes me smile.

Sometimes, the simple things in life are what make it so special.

So, shake off that scowl from your face, wipe off that frown and look forward to the simple pleasures that await you at the other end of life.