Friday, April 06, 2007

Insurance insurance

No...the title of this post was not a typo. Read on on, I say !

Our first story comes from Richard Reich's blog:

Selling your insurance policy !!! eh ???

Here’s an area of controversy and concern. There’s a new industry that’s sprung up called the “Secondary market for life insurance”. Here’s how it works. It’s mostly for elderly or ill people. The origination of this started some years ago when terminally ill people who needed financial help turned to their life insurance policies and sold them to investors. They got a percentage of their insurance amount based on how long they were expected to live.
This intensifies my belief that everything has a market. Not only can you pawn on your own life, you can do so on others' lives too !!!

The second insurance story ?

Wedding Insurance ... yes !

Love may be priceless, but unfortunately getting married can be very expensive. If you have recently become engaged or currently planning the wedding of your dreams, you should see if wedding insurance is right for you.

Wedding insurance is a form of special event insurance designed to provide financial protection if you have to cancel or postpone a wedding because of death or serious injury in the immediate family, the bride or groom is called to military duty, a natural disaster such as a hurricane or earthquake occurs on your special day or other insured disaster.

I know what you are thinking --- but I am sorry.
One thing that is generally not covered, however, is change of heart.

Now, I ask myself: I know that love is priceless and so forth, but consider this: Suppose you had a girlfriend and you bought her gifts, flowers, chocolates. And then, after an expensive courtship, she ditches you and marries someone else. Is there an insurance policy that can recover your losses due to this unforeseen catastrophe ? If yes, how would one calculate the premium for such a policy ? Would they match horoscopes, tastes, eye colour ?

Think...think ....