Thursday, April 05, 2007

How much is the square of 48 ?

Do you know how to calculate squares of numbers close to 50 ?

Do you ? do you ??? huh ??

I will do you a favour : read this :

When Bethe and Feynman went up against each other in games of calculating, they competed with special pleasure. Onlookers were often surprised, and not because the upstart Feynman bested his famous elder. On the contrary, more often the slow-speaking Bethe tended to outcompute Feynman. Early in the project they were working together on a formula that required the square of 48. Feymnan reached across his desk for the Marchant mechanical calculator

Bethe said, "It's twenty-three hundred."

Do you know who is Bethe ?
See, how many things you learn just by reading this blog !!!


Scribbler said...

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