Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Does the Sun have a companion ?

Intriguing theory here from scientist Richard A Muller.

Like a thorn in the side of mainstream researchers, Muller's Nemesis theory -- that our Sun has a companion star responsible for recurring episodes of wholesale death and destruction here on Earth -- seems to reemerge periodically like microbes after a mass extinction.

It's a theory that has many detractors. And it's a theory that has been beaten down and left for dead in the minds of most scientists.

Yet it is a theory that just won't die

The theory goes on to state that this star re-emerges every 26 million years to cause a shower of meteors on our planet causing mass extinctions:

Muller's idea for Nemesis came to him 1983. Luis Alvarez, then an emeritus professor of physics at the University of California at Berkeley, and his son Walter had recently put forth the theory that a giant impact had wiped out the dinosaurs. (This idea, like so many others that are now widely accepted, met with staunch criticism when it was introduced because it, too, was not mainstream).

Around the same time, two other researchers had suggested yet another controversial idea, that mass extinctions occurred at regular intervals -- every 26 million years or so. Scientists immediately folded the ideas into a new and breathtaking possibility: Impacts by space rocks were causing massive global species destruction every 26 million years.

I dream that when this "nemesis" reappears, it will sweep away all the planets from the Solar System and our earth will start revolving round this new star, instead of the Sun.
That way, we will all get to see new places in the universe !!!

Now, I ask this: how will that change you as a person ?
Are you ready for the joy ride ?