Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Where I blog and why ...

I have taken to blogging in a big way. I do not have readership but I sure am enjoying the writing experience !

I had initially started with just one blog: Trials And Tribulations. But over the past few years, I have felt the need to start more blogs. The content on this blog has been coming from all subjects: science, computers, philosphy etc. I was not feeling comfortable having everything under one roof. Hence, I decided to spread the content out. The following are the other blogs I publish:

Madman's Diary:
This was started at about the same as Trials..but somehow, it didnt take off. The idea when I started this blog was: I would write about my experiences and how I chose to intrepret them. I thought that in itself was a reason to have a seperate blog.

Computer Education
I started this about a month ago to help me in my effort to learn more about computers and how they work. The content here has been hard to build since I am not knowledgeable in this field. Also, the challenge was to make this an engaging blog and not just a feedreader for other technical websites. I may still have failed in this endeavour, but atleast I am trying.

The Free Spirit:
This is, by far, the most ambitious blog so far for me...which is why I had requested a friend to co-author it with me. The blog is about Freedom in general. It will try and address the issue of freedom and its true meaning in our day-to-day life. It may have some software undertones and issues discussed in this blog may be more specific to the software industry. We will, however, try to keep the bigger picture of individual freedom in mind.
Currently, there are no posts here.

Though I have tried to compartmentalize my posts into various blogs, I still find it difficult sometimes to decide which post should go into which blog.

I am always looking for feedback from readers (I estimate that I have 3 regular readers !). I am looking for ways to make the blogs more readable, the posts more engaging and the experience more lively.

But I am still learning. So, please bear with me.