Sunday, March 25, 2007

Two is better than one !

Hey...what if we had two brains instead of one ?

There --- the most shocking question ... right at the top of the post !

I believe we should have two brains. I am aware that each human brain is made up of two halves which perform different functions. However, what I want is a whole new brain right next to my existing one. Well, it doesn't have to be "right next" to my existing one -- for all I care, it could be near my armpit. What is more important, though, is that it should be completely independent of the existing one. Imagine what I could do then : I could watch TV while reading a book. I could read blogs and generally surf the net while working at the report my boss asked me to complete.

I could watch a movie and a cricket match, simultaneously !

The most dramatic impact the second brain would have, however, would be on my behavior. Every time I got angry and was about to do something that I would regret later (like abusing my boss in an e-mail to the entire staff !), my other brain would realize this and work on calming my first brain (now, which of the two brains is the "first", really ?).
When I start to get too sad, the second brain would gee me up. When I start thinking too well of myself, the additional brain would bring me down to earth.
How convenient !

Going by how much I use the one brain that the Lord did give me, some of my friends would suggest that an additional one would not make much of a difference.

However, I could write two blogs simultaneously..I could write the post and comment on the post, at the same time...I could.......................sigh !


Murali... said...

Eventhough we do not use much of our brain, multitasking, like watching a movie and writing a blog OR driving a car and speaking on mobile, is not recommended! Read this:

Nabila Zehra Zaidi said...

Maybe that is the reason why we humans are social animals and look for the other brain (person) to do the above for us, like calming the angry brain, posting a comment on your blog...there r two brains but two people too.

Scribbler said...

Of course everyone has two brains. Don't believe me? check here..

It makes more sense now to say 'I have a "Gut" feeling'! doesn't it?