Saturday, March 17, 2007

The retun of the Individual

I dream of a day when there are no companies. I dream of a day when there is no democracy, no government. I dream of a day when there are no courts, no lawyers.
I dream of the day when the individual returns. The individual that existed before civilization. The individual that existed before social hierarchy took over. That individual has been buried deep into the debris that we now call society. I dream of the day when that individual returns.

Each of us is unique. Why then, do we have to follow the same rules ? If our values are so different, why are we all expected to have the same mission in life ? Why do our ideals and goals encroach on each other s's space ? Why do the strong force the weak to follow their path ? Why do some get to draw boundaries on this earth when others want to roam free ? Why does a government get to tell its people that killing themselves is a crime even if they are suffering immense pain ? Why does the government get to take away my hard-earned money in the name of tax and give me potholes in return ? Why does a group of people get to decide what to do with my tax money ?
Why do a bunch of extremists get to decide who Kashmir belongs to ? Why do a bunch of communists get to decide what to do with the farmer s's land in Singur and Nandigram ?

I personally believe that the rule of the individual will be more peaceful. Of course, we all have to be more mature than we are now...but then, how hard can it be ?
Imagine a world where there is no government. You do not pay taxes, you have no rules to follow. Whatever good you do, comes right from your heart and not because you have to. You respect the other person's freedom since you value your own.

A living being's needs are minimal: food to eat, water to drink and some sleep. Society
gives us all kinds of ideas: can I get to lead a bigger pack ? can I own more land ? can I make more money ? can I get more power ? it never stops. The strong succeed in fulfilling these "ambitions": the weak either perish or lose their individuality.

Why cant it all be different ?


Viswanath said...

It's an intriguing idea. I kind of like it though.