Sunday, March 11, 2007

Ponting, where is thy arrogance !

Ponting gets defensive here. I wonder if this is a fall from the arrogance that the Aussies were displaying only till a month ago.

Sunil Gavaskar apparently feels that the on-field behaviour of the Aussies has not been in the same class as their performances over the past decade. While, I have not read Gavaskar's comments in original, I do not know if Ponting needs to get defensive about it and point to India's performances. I mean, I dont think Gavaskar would have even tried to make the comparison. There is no comparison to be made. The Aussies have been undisputed champs for most of the last decade or more --- the Indians have never even gotten close.

Criticism stings most when your self-confidence is low. While it will be a far-stretch to say that the Aussies are suffering from low self-belief at this point, they certainly are a little vulnerable these days. A couple of months ago, faced with the same comments, Ponting might have just shrugged his shoulders and said "yeah well...we are sorry...whatever...". Now, he has to point to India's test record.

India are going down under later this year....Mr. Gavaskar will launch into a counter-attack, I am sure, if India so much as take a first Innings lead in a test match there !!!
Aussies, beware !