Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Other India

The Other India

I cannot believe we humans are capable of love. We are capable of affectation, yes. We are capable of infatuation, yes. But love ? Well, love is something else. We do not understand it -- at least I do not believe we do.
If we can calmly eat our dinners while watching news clippings from the Nithari story, we cannot be capable of love.
If we can calmly turn the pages of newspapers when we watch pictures of malnutritioned kids, we cannot be capable of love.

Love is a many-splendoured thing. It is capable of many amazing things.It can bring light into our lives --- light into our closed, dingy minds. This life, we havent experienced.
If we can walk calmly past a hungry begging child on the street, we havent loved.Not if we are the type who spend our anniversaries in Kulu Manali, not if we buy and gift heart-shaped chocolates, not even if we buy diamond rings.

Dont let Valentine's day fool you --- love is not in the air. It definitely is not in our hearts.

We are too stiff to love.