Monday, February 26, 2007

Now: Open Source People

Linking to this story from Slashdot.

The story talks about how surveillance cameras are being developed to be smarter so they can alert security personnel to suspicious persons real time and not after the incident.

The last line of the story is what bothers me. If I go to a country like the US and do something suspicious (most of the things that first time visitors to America do seems suspicious to security people there !) I may be tagged : by a surveillance camera no less ! Also, cameras can be developed to look inside my jacket to see if I am hiding a bomb. "Inside my jacket" !!!

Now, what is the need of spending money on all those expensive clothes next time you go to the US of A, I say !


Vaidya said...

So you mean... you can see lot of people changing profession there? No more engineers and doctors profession are "attractive"?