Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Why shouldn't Mr.Gibbs be banned ?

Nice article here

Frankly I do not see much sense in all this hullabullo about bannning this guy for 2 test matches...(lets forget for the time being that, maybe, he should not even be playing test cricket today as his name is still not cleared by the match-fixing investigations. I shudder to think that Ajay Jadeja and Azhar are sitting on the sidelines while this fellow is still playing cricket...wonder what would the case be if Gibbs was an Indian)

Frankly, he should already have been banned...I remember seeing him pointing towards the dressing room right after he caught Saurav Ganguly in the second test match in Durban..but I do not remember hearing about any fine or ban for that. Seeing clippings of old test matches played by India in SA, you can see quite a few instances of this "bravado" by Mr. Gibbs.

Naturally, he has been asking for it. If Sreesanth can get fined for wearing the wrong color of underwear in a test match, I dont see any issue in banning Gibbs..surely, it is not going to impact the quality of cricket played around the world if Mr.Gibbs doesnt play in a test match or two, is it !

Senseless, all this...dont you think ?