Friday, January 28, 2005

The sequel ...

Hi Folks...

As promised, I am continuing my blog -- never mind how pathetic it is..

Lets start off with an interesting article on the drinking prohibition in Pakistan:
I do not know if I have anything to say about this, but it is sure that you can bend facts to fit your perspective of any situation/circumstance. Essentially, there are no rules - just your intrepretation of them!!!

The next one is the story of an urud poet whose couplets have enthralled me ever since my dad gave me a copy of his collections -- Mirza Ghalib. I will be the first one to own that I know as little of Urdu or urdu poetry as I do about any kind of literature (which is not saying much!)...but the beauty of this man's poetry was its very simplicity and the fact that it is very open to intrepretation on more levels that you can imagine.

my favourites:
koi ummeed bar nahin aati
koi soorat nazar nahin aati
maut ka ek din mu'ayyan hai
neend kyon raat bhar nahin aati ?
[ mu'ayyan = definite ]
aage aati thi haal-e-dil pe hansi
ab kissi baat par naheen aati

Read more about him if you like : (

I will close this section here...there are no "real-world" things to report...the world is going on about its business as usual...its a cold Friday morning here in Milwaukee and I am desperately awaiting my travel to New York...