Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Falling in love (for the umpteenth time!)

I once knew this girl in school -- she was easily the cutest at our school...when she smiled, it was as if the clouds just cleared away from a cold December morning and the sun just shone through...all the world would be a nice place once more --- I know what you are thinking..(if you are in your right senses, you should be saying --- "crap!")

But that's what love is...its not losing your head over some cute girl you hardly know...its not about wanting to give away your life for her...not about feeling all depressed when you see her boyfriend. It is that empty feeling in your stomach, that adrenaline rush that you get when you see her..its all chemistry, you know...no I mean, really!
Now there are a huge number of romanticists (is that even a word?) who would want to disagree with me...but, my friends, its all about procreation...you need to get that. See, when you fall in locve with a girl and marry her, you are happy (well, in the beginning, anyway!)....and if someone else marries her, you feel miserable...now that to me is selfishness...can't be love - no Sir!
But lets ditch all that....does it really matter if its a chemical reaction or a spiritual upliftment? In the end all that matters is, we all need to feel secure...to feel that at the end of the day, someone is there to... whatever!

So screw this argument...go ahead and shower that girl with all the gifts that money can buy (The Beatles were way off when they sang "money can't buy me love"...I guess they knew it...guess you have to write such stuff..its good business!)